Nothing is good….

A friend said something today,it was so true that I wondered why I’ve never noticed it(since I notice truths easily,it’s just hard to obey),he said nothing is good and nothing is bad,just depends on how you utilize them.But being David,I was quick to give a gun as an example and he,being Sam,replied with this example.-Mr. A left a gun on his table,(he only has a gun because it’s legal).Days after,a friend visited(he couldn’t be a good friend),trying to have his way with Mr. A’s wife,he uses the gun and mistakenly kills her.In the process of blame trading,the gun would be the centre of attraction,nobody would knock on the friend’s stupidity but would say,the gun shouldn’t have been there in the first place,’everyone knows guns are bad’.But what if the husband walked in and saw that scene,picked his gun and shot the friend,everyone would say,’Oh,Thank God for the gun!’.

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Health is Wealth!

Been a while.And here am I.Here are 5 wonder tips to stay healthy as given by a doctor,a good one at that.

5 Good Health Tips

1. Hand washing(use of hand sanitizers,I do think)
2. Oral hygiene
3. Skin care
4. Engage your mind
5. Positive health seeking behavior.

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When the face of daylight hides
Her face in the shields of slumber
When she visits her sons of
Godly descent,and her daughters
Fill the earth with cold venom
Then the noise of orchestrated lamentations
Breaks the kolanut of silence
They cry over that which they once
Operated with soiled hands and frivolity
And when mother returns
Home is destroyed.

Your explanations for the above lines would be appreciated.#PWA

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My heart has wandered
Away like the prodigal son
In search of roses that
Grow out of the bosoms of joy

My heart has searched
For that heart whose ventricles
Beat in rhythm with mine
And echoes the calls of my heart

Slowly,slowly I die
My heart has failed to
Find its heaven sent objectives
Then the blaze of love burns all.

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And we’re getting started!!

And at last…after so many internal wars,I’ve finally started my blog.How fulfilling!this blog would be on everything.Yes,everything..but I would also like to help teens with addiction problems,being a victim myself and a campaign would be started…to kill this monster called addiction.And you might be wondering,aren’t there going to be poems,short stories,essays?!,worry not,the valiant prince would save your wondering heads….keep on visiting,liking,commenting and inviting and spread the love!.GodBless

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